Do I need any experience?
Not at all! We are happy to teach people of all skill levels. It is recommend that you are comfortable on the water, and that you can swim. Before we get you playing, we will walk you through the basics, and we will ask you to do a ‘wet exit’ (capsize and exit the boat safely).

Is it dangerous?
Kayak polo may sound a little dangerous or intimidating, however specialized equipment is used to prevent injury. Rules are also in place to encourage a safe environment. At worst, you may come out with a bruise or a scratch. If you are unsure if kayak polo is for you, feel free to come by to watch a session.

How do you play?
Check out our basic rules page here. The official International Canoe Federation Canoe Polo can be located on our resources page.

Is there a minimum age?
Yes, our minimum age is 16 years old.

Do you know of any children-specific kayaking programs?
At the moment, we do not offer programs for children. The Burnaby Canoe & Kayak Club however, offers a range of programs for younger children. Ecomarine in Vancouver also offers a range of kids camps and courses for children.

Will I get wet?
Polo boats are a little tippier than white water kayaks or sea kayaks, so there is a good chance that you may fall over (or capsize). Don’t worry, this is part of the fun, and the worst that will happen is that you will get a little wet.

May I bring my own equipment?
Yes! We encourage paddlers to bring their own equipment, as long as it doesn’t pose a threat to yourself or other players. This means that all boats need to have sufficient foam padding on each end, and any non polo-specific paddles need to have their edges taped.

What should I wear?
If you are attending a pool session, a rash guard and shorts is good enough. If you don’t have a rash guard, a synthetic or wool shirt will work. The weather during outdoor sessions can vary wildly, so please dress appropriately. Depending on the weather, this could mean anything from rash guard and shorts, to a neoprene wetsuit and padding jacket. We recommend wearing neoprene booties, water shoes, or sandals while paddling. Please avoid wearing cotton.

Is it kayak polo, or canoe polo?
Kayak polo originated in Great Britain, where the term for a kayak is “canoe”. The official name of the sport is canoe polo, however in North America is it generally referred to as kayak polo, as it is a more accurate description.

Can you teach me to roll?
Rolling is a valuable skill for kayak polo, and we are happy to help you with it. Due to the limited water time, we ask that you contact us about rolling sessions in the pool. Polo boats are pretty easy to roll, so they are a good boat to learn in.

If you have a question that isn’t listed here, please contact us and answer it to the best of our ability.