Ready to take your paddling to the next level?

Imagine combining basketball, water polo, and kayaking into one sport… the result is a fast-paced sport called kayak polo. Kayak polo is a great way to meet new people, gain confidence on the water, and improve coordination and balance. It is played with 5 players per team, with each person in a kayak. The pitch (or playing area) has a suspended net at either end. Players need to utilize a wide range of skills, including boat maneuvering techniques, quick paddle strokes, ball throwing, and rolling a kayak in the event of a capsize.

Who are we?

Vancouver Kayak Polo is organized through the Burnaby Canoe and Kayak Club. We are a group of enthusiastic paddlers who practice on a weekly basis during the summer months. Our goal is to have fun, be active, make friends, and make paddling more accessible.

All skill levels are welcome, with no prior paddling experience necessary. We provide a supportive environment and instruction for new players, and we try to challenge those who are more experienced.